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Personal Shopping Service

What are you searching for? If it is a consumer goods sold in Japan, please ask us.
If you find what you are interested in at a Japanese web shop and they don't ship them to foregin countries, we will purchase and ship them for you. We work as your personal shopper. We have been operating our Personal Shopping Service since 1997.

Japanese goods shop, Big Fish J-Shop in Amazon

We sell Japanese Tabi socks, Haramki Stomach Warmer, Geta Sandal, Yukata, Souvenir Shot Glass, Magnet, Costume etc. in amazon.com. All items sold in amazon.com are in amazon warehouses (Fullfilled by Amazon), so if you live in US, your order will reach very soon.

Japanese goods shop, Big Fish J-Shop in Ebay

If you request us to list Japanese goods in Ebay, we will list them, and you can purchase them through Ebay.

Japanese Product JZZSERIAKK-247 Japanese Product JZZCOCO8720-201 Japanese Product JPJ9101 Japanese Product JZZIWAMIY1000-BK2-BLF Japanese Product JZZCOCO6199-NK Japanese Product JCS4560320844815 Japanese Product JZZKAYA7PIP7305 Japanese Product JZZMAE060043-102606 Japanese Product JZZKAYA7JKP5116 Japanese Product JZZKAYA7JKP4311 Japanese Product JZZIWAMI544-18 Japanese Product JZZCOCO6199-SUMO